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Friday Morning Rockpile:

The ups and downs in the education of Ubaldo are outlined in Jack Etkin's piece at the RMN. While 2008 has been a mixed bag for Jimenez, there are certainly plenty of signs that really good things are yet to come for the Rockies with him around.

There was no implication of poor mechanics with U-ball in the Rocky piece, just poor execution and poor pitch selection, but the Post notes column seems to indicate that there is also a mechanical issue. Without having seen his last start I'm not sure if this is the case, so if somebody wants to clarify what they saw, that would be great. What Hurdle talks about, "overreaching", is a pretty vague baseball term that could be symptomatic of several pitching mistakes, not all of them mechanical. Keep in mind that Jimenez's mechanics aren't the greatest to begin with, what I'd want to know is what he's doing differently now from a month ago.

I've been keeping an eye on the situation with the Rockies Spring Training home over the spring and summer, and Dick Monfort's indication that the team is "keeping all of its options open" with the specific mention of Marana has me thinking that the resort town East of Tucson might actually be the favorite at this point. Various entities in Tucson have been haggling as to whether it's worth it for them to upgrade Hi Corbett Field and who's going to foot the bill if they do.

Dan O'Dowd notices something about the team that we could probably have told him in April if he was willing to ask: Rockies hard to watch.