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Saturday Pebble Report:

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Modesto: L 3-12, L 6-7 (eliminated 2-1)

Esmil Rogers and Aneury Rodriguez had a pair of poor outings on Thursday and Friday night, resulting in Modesto's elimination from the playoffs. I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing about it this morning as I'm going to go to a fair here in Asheville, so I encourage you to read about the games (last night, Thursday night) at Brian VanderBeek's blog.

Asheville: L 2-4 (eliminated 2-0)

You could kind of tell from the promising beginning that resulted in nothing (bases left loaded in the first) that it wasn't going to be the Tourists night. Shane Lindsay looked a lot better than he did in Lexington at the beginning of the game but grew progressively more erratic as his pitch count rose. I just don't know where to put him right now, I think he winds up in the pen. The Tourists had several fairly well hit balls that just missed causing damage, kudos to Augusta's rangy outfield for that.

Nick Noonan's a bit of a punk (he took a long stare at his homerun before starting his trot and with Asheville's wall in right it nearly came back to bite him as the ball didn't clear by much) but he and Angel Villalona are definitely prospects to worry about. One other note: I was more than a bit encouraged by a conversation I overheard between Madison Bumgarner and another man associated with him or Augusta, somehow trying to figure out the best way to approach Darin Holcomb, with Holcomb's wrist control being at the center of the conversation. It's always a good sign for a prospect if other top prospects recognize them as somebody to reckon with.