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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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It's certainly been a while since the Rockies faced the Braves. With the exception of the make-up game played on June 16, the Rockies last played the Braves back in April. That was the third series of the season. Who came up with this schedule? And after this series, it's an end-of-the-season swing through the NL West.

I don't think anyone predicted that the Braves would be as bad as they have been. Though not playing this series on the road (where they were 1-3 against the Rockies) should be helpful. They're 38-34 at home and 24-48 on the road.

Anyway, I suppose both the Rockies and the Braves are happy that Mike Hampton will no longer be a problem for them once the season ends. Dan O'Dowd is quoted in the article as saying:

"The biggest thing that came out of it was that we faced the reality of who we are and what direction we had to go in," Rockies general manger Dan O'Dowd said. "We were trying to be something we weren't. Since that point, the organization has really had one common vision: Win through scouting and player development."

I wonder if O'Dowd said that with a straight face. Scouting and player development have worked over the years, but the winning? Not so much.

Jack Etkin lets us know which prospects will play Hawaii Winter Baseball this off season:

Low Single-A Asheville pitcher Connor Graham, catcher Lars Davis, third baseman Darin Holcomb and center fielder Mike Mitchell and high Single-A Modesto pitchers Andy Graham and David Patton will play for the Honolulu Sharks in Hawaii Winter Baseball. Double-A Tulsa manager Stu Cole will manage the Sharks, whose regular season games begin Sept. 27 and end Nov. 15.

Nice way to spend part of the off season, I'd say.

Patrick Saunders recaps Ian Stewart's season so far.