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Wednesday Pebble Report/Rockpile: Dexter Fowler, a top prospect in the NL

Baseball America's Jim Callis was asked for his top 10 prospects in the National League. There's a familiar name on that list:

8. Dexter Fowler, of, Rockies
Colorado has done a fine job of developing the once-raw Fowler.

But let's breakdown the list just a little bit. The Marlins have three prospects on the list (6, 9, 10), the Braves netted two (5, 7), and the Giants have two in the top five (2, 4). And Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates takes Callis's top spot. Colby Rasmus of the Cardinals and Fowler occupy the last two spots. The NL East looks to have a strong future.

A year from now, maybe even halfway through the 2009 minor league season, I expect Callis to have Jhoulys Chacin on that list.

Also, Jason Grilli will pitch for Italy in the World Baseball Classic:

"Obviously, I love the United States," he [Grilli] said. "But I'm also proud of my lineage. No doubt you get some national pride, and I'm in the books in Italian baseball, and that's good. Major League Baseball wants the game to grow globally, and I'm happy to be a part of that."

Did you know he could have been joined by Chris Iannetta?