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Wednesday Rockpile: Pitchers, pitchers, and more pitchers

Troy Renck mentions a few things in today's article: Ubaldo Jimenez, after signing his new contract, will be relied on by the Rockies even more since Jeff Francis's status is up in the air right now. Reading that quote by Dan O'Dowd makes it seem like no one really knows how long Francis will be out. There's that looming shadow.

Renck also notes that the Rockies are reinterested in Joe Beimel since no one has signed him. But only if he's available right before ST and is willing to take less money. One of the two seems possible.

A tip of the cap to SBN's Detroit Tigers blog, Bless You Boys, for this link: Jimmy Scott's High & Tight interviewed Jason Grilli at the start of the year. I haven't listened to it yet, but it sure sounds like it will be a good one.

That's it from me. It snowed over the night and now I need to do some shoveling before someone gets injured walking on a snow-covered sidewalk and decides to sue.