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Welcome the newest additions to the Purple Row staff!

First, thanks to everyone who participated in this, especially the five that stayed with it the whole way: Sandlotkid8, theoldgrizzlybear, Purple Rox, Poseidon's Fist, and Jabberwocky.

Based on our own discussions and from the community's comments during the search, Jabberwocky and Poseidon's Fist are the newest additions to the Purple Row staff. Congratulations!

After some more discussion, theoldgrizzlybear will join the Purple Row staff as a game wrap specialist and backup writer. Congratulations!

One last thing. For anyone who didn't know or didn't click through to his profile, Sandlotkid8 writes about the Rockies at Bleacher Report. Be sure to stop by and check out what David has to say about the Rockies.