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Wednesday Rockpile: Jason Marquis, Scott Podsednik, and the Dodgers entertain the thought of Trevor Hoffman

Jack Etkin chimed in with two blog entries last night. The first entry offers several scouts' views on Jason Marquis.

The second one is about Scott Podsednik's status with the Rockies, or, really, non-status. What once seemed like a sure thing after Willy Taveras was non-tendered, signing Podsednik hasn't happened. Dan O'Dowd is quoted as saying this in the entry:

"I can't say that he is [coming back] at this time. I haven't had a lot of positive feedback from (agent) Kenny Felder on Scott. So I don't know really where that one is at this point in time."

Eh. Not much of a loss if he goes elsewhere.

The Dodgers have recently joined the Milwaukee Brewers in the pursuit of Trevor Hoffman.