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Purple Row Searches for a New Writer or Two

Just like the Colorado Rockies, Purple Row is looking to acquire some offseason talent right now. Only we have even less of a budget than the Colorado Rockies (read: zero) and offer no perks (I'm still waiting on the scores of women I was promised when I hopped on board a few years ago). We're looking for two new writers to come on board and help take over some of the duties Rox Girl and I have jealously guarded with our dictatorial powers over the last four seasons.

Baseball is a long season, and while blogging an entire baseball season is not as demanding as playing one, we've both often felt rushed or not been able to provide all the analysis or attention to detail that we've wanted to. Don't let our combined total of over 3000 front-page posts deceive you; we would have more if only we had more time. So, this is a move to help diversify the personalities appearing on the front page and to allow us to write more of the stuff that we've wanted to but haven't been able to.

We want to have the new writers in place before Spring Training games start (they just appeared in my dashboard to be scheduled), but earlier is always better. Today, however, does not mark the start of the search, but it will commence soon. Rox Girl, who should have some thoughts to offer as an addendum to this piece, and I do want to provide some idea as to what we're looking for before we open the search:

  1. Considering that  Rox Girl and I are both East Coasters, we'd like the writer(s) to be Western-based, closer to Denver the better. 
  2. Will be able to cover Rockpiles, Pebble Reports, Game Threads, and 2009's new feature, game wraps. Not all in one day like Rox Girl and I have done each season; there's a mock schedule worked outright now that doles out responsbility each day.
  3. Will be more MLB-oriented. That should be defined a bit. The current staple of writers covers the minors and the draft quite well. We want someone (or someones) who can focus on what is happening in Denver.
  4. It's a labor of love, so the commitment must be there to meet quotas.
  5. Doesn't matter if you want to be humorous, go the SABR route, or offer some other tone. The field is wide open.

So, that's it. We'll come back soon with how we're going to choose the new writers, but use this as a forum to ask questions.

[UPDATE] I've already received several e-mails regarding interest in this. If you are interested and do e-mail me to express your interest in the position, please do provide your Purple Row user name. I do have the ability to find it out, but providing it would save me time.