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Search Update

The response both in the thread and in e-mails I have received has been enormous. I know I haven't responded to every e-mail that was sent to me. So let this be a response to all of them:

Thank you for the interest. We'll have more information regarding the search this weekend, when we officially start it.

UPDATE (Rox Girl):

I don't want to get the front page of the site overwhelmed by these writer search threads, so rather than posting a separate further update, I'll just tack what we have so far to Russ's post. Right now, we have had ten people express interest in and stated an ability to meet the requirements for the two writing positions either via e-mail to Russ or myself or in the comments of the initial thread on Wednesday:


Poseidon's Fist
Purple Rox

Also two that don't have usernames as of yet, with the initials of B.P. and S.C. (to protect your privacy until you do happen to have usernames). If there are any others interested, please inform either Russ or me (by e-mail or you may post your interest in this thread) by no later than Sunday night, 10 p.m. MST. As Russ mentioned, we are greatly encouraged by the response thus far. I am going to ask that those that have already expressed interest (as well as anybody that may not have yet) e-mail to me their scheduled availability (at least two mornings that you could contribute a Rockpile, as well as at least one day/evening you would be available for a game thread and postgame wrap) as we will likely be looking for candidates to make a trial posting run in the next phase of the search.

Thank you, and good luck.