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Friday Rockpile: O'Dowd's in the stable, but he needs some more thoroughbreds

Tracy Ringolsby's regular Friday column praises Carl Pohlad's hands off approach with the Twins, and the stability he left in that team's front office in making said team a perennial winner. The same stability in the Rockies front office is implied to be a good thing, as is the stability of front offices in the rest of the NL West outside of LA, but of course a counterargument would be that this is the division that's had two seasons in the last three years where the winner finished with less than 85 victories, and the division's 11 top 10 draft choices (meaning eleven bottom 10 placements in the standings, only one of which was the Dodgers) over the last five years are second most to the NL Central in that span. The NL West had three more bottom ten finishers in 2008 (the Rockies pick eleventh though, due to Aaron Crow not signing with the Nationals) so all that stability has led to some pretty crummy teams.

Further in Ringolsby's column, and in a separate blog post, he praises Jason Marquis as a workhorse, which is all well and good, workhorses are needed to keep the operation chugging along, but if the Rockies really want to be legit, the stable also has to produce some trophy getters. Let's hope the young legs have it in them.


Brad Hawpe has been asked to join Team USA for the WBC, and our rightfielder is mulling it over. At least one blogger needs to realize that for all his defensive faults, want of

a right fielder with a cannon arm might make runners at second base think twice before they tried to tag up 

will not be an issue for Bradley. I'm really not sure why he's so dead set against Brad, particularly in favor of Ryan Ludwick, who could well be a single season fluke for the Cardinals, and who struck out more than Hawpe did last season (K's are a big part of this author's argument against Hawpe for some reason). His other choice, Andre Ethier, might actually be a better alternative, particularly if it keeps the Dodger from getting ready for the regular season. Former Rockies closer Brian Fuentes has accepted his bid.