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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies attendance beating 2008, Dodgers may need to consult a physician

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Through 80 home dates in 2009, the Rockies have had 9,679 more fans than they did in 2008, an attendance in today's home finale of 26,300 or more will give the Rockies a better season at the gate. With a likely playoff appearance, the Rockies should figure to remain a strong draw at the beginning of 2010 as well. What's particularly great is that playoff seasons in two out of the last three years is creating a strong brand impression on Denver area (and elsewhere nationally, I might add) teenagers and kids, which should help build loyalty to the franchise for future seasons as the Rockies finally might have some real glory days to look back on.

Denver Post-

Woody Paige has a new mailbag up, what I found interesting isn't his Rockies answer, but the response at the bottom about Dan Hawkins:

Jamie: Truth is, and I'll take grief for this, Hawkins just can't handle the pressure any more. The pressure on him to win, the pressure on his son and his family, the pressure from the alumni and boosters, and even the pressure from bloggers who nobody reads (except him).

I'm sure Ralphie Report and other Buffalo bloggers will appreciate this kind of love just as much as we did back in the day when the DP would talk about nameless, unread Rockies blogs, because guess what happens when a mainstream writer says something like that?  Here, let me show you Woody. And suddenly an unread blog becomes a read one. In our case, we've been pushing close to 100,000 visitors in each of the last two months, well over 3000 a day, which isn't exactly chump change anymore. In fact, I'm certain Woody's editors appreciate the link love I just gave him.

One last link, just for the great fun of it: