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Saturday Rockpile: I'm not sure if you knew this, but apparently it's supposed to be cold tonight.

I don't care that the weather is terrible right now - I'm absolutely thrilled to be in my favorite city in the world. I'll keep this short, as the internet at my hotel is sketchy at best...

Colorado Rockies fans brace for cold Game 3 at Coors Field - The Denver Post
Game time temperature is expected to be 27 degrees, and will drop into the the low-20s. Nothing is going to keep me away from this game, though - certainly not a little bit of cold weather. I made a late-night Wal-Mart run last night to buy some thermals, so I'm good to go. John Ingold suggests you do the same.

NLDS Coverage: A Snow Day in Colorado | FanGraphs Baseball
Marc Hulet previews tonight's big matchup. He thinks the Rockies have the edge, but doesn't discount Pedro Martinez and his veteran-ness.

NLDS: Frigid temps expected in Denver for Game 3 between the Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies - ESPN
Jayson Stark's preview of the game is also filled with cold weather-mongering. Jason Hammel once pitched a game in 33 degree weather in Boston, so he's ready to go (according to him). Pedro Martinez has obviously been around the block a time or two, so the weather won't affect him much either. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if the weather is just cold (meaning, no blizzard to go along with it), I think it won't have much of an impact at all.

Carlos Gonzalez sparks hot Colorado Rockies in Division Series - Joe Lemire -
Carlos Gonzalez, AKA "Little Pony," continues to have success at the top of the Rockies' lineup. CarGo is 5-for-9 so far in the postseason, continuing what he started in the second half of the regular season. The Rockies are 53-17 with Gonzalez in the lineup.

More Rockies growing postseason fuzz in tradition of baseballers past - The Denver Post
Benjamin Hochman discusses the tradition of mustaches/other forms of facial hair in baseball. Several Rockies, such as Ryan Spilborghs and Ian Stewart, have been spotted with early versions of playoff beards. I've got mine going a bit too, but it has nothing on RMN's.

Rockies closer Street knows how Lidge feels - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Tracy Ringolsby writes about how Huston Street has made a nice little comeback of his own this season, just like Brad Lidge did last year and apparently will have to do next year.

Armstrong: Hawpe might be odd man out - The Denver Post
Jim Armstrong questions Brad Hawpe's future as a Rockie. With the way Seth Smith, Gonzalez, and Dexter Fowler have played (as well as how they project for the future), I can't say I blame him. Hawpe's struggles in the second half haven't helped his cause, either.