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Monday Rockpile: Season on the line for Rockies after chilly loss

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NLDS Game 3: Bests and worsts - The Denver Post
Three up and three down in yesterday's game. I didn't know that Torrealba's son threw out the first pitch.

Umps admit missed call on Utley hit | News
Thanks, but after the fact doesn't help.

Phils hammer Hammel - The Denver Post

"I said this afternoon if Jason loses it, it happens very quickly," Tracy said. "He retired nine of the first 10 hitters."

Krieger: Bats weren't frigid in Phillies-Rockies playoff - The Denver Post
The cold didn't stop the bats from working. The pitching, however, couldn't take it.

Embattled closer Brad Lidge nails down thriller for Phillies - Albert Chen -
Jayson Stark: Philadelphia Phillies' Brad Lidge turns back the clock - ESPN
Yeah, go figure that Brad Lidge saved the game. You know, Brad Lidge.

Rockies, fans feel the chill at Coors Field - The Denver Post
"Rocktober is not for sissies." - That's the truth.

Atkins hits his stride with a key double, single - The Denver Post
May Garrett Atkins not have found his stroke too late to make an impact.

Patience pays for Gonzalez - The Denver Post
In case you didn't know, Carlos Gonzalez is good. Very good.

Rockies, Phillies confident in Game 4 starters Jimenez, Lee - The Denver Post
Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Cliff Lee, Part Deux. May it be better for this time around for U-Ball.

Phillies Breakfast Links, October 12 2009: Abbreviated Do-It-Yourself Edition - The Good Phight
Philadelphia Phillies news from around the web for October 12, 2009.

Don't look for substantial rise in team payroll - The Denver Post
Steady as she goes.