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To be at Game Four: Bust out your hankies

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Huston Street's blown save absolutely should not allow us to forget the awesomeness of the bottom of the eighth last night. If you are sufficiently numb, masochistic or very strong, I filmed (very amateurly on a still digital camera) the bedlam that ensued after what surely must be now known as the Rocktober Yorvit Special: a lead-giving-bases-clearing-double-over-the-center-fielder's-head:

It was symbolic in many ways. The Rockies were kicking, screaming and fighting until the end - a glorious, wild, and entertaining finish. Yet it just would not be enough.

As it is, the future looks bright:


I have a small handful of other photos after the jump.


It was a beautiful day for a baseball game.


Anticipation in the top of the ninth.


You just can't mind your view being blocked by a Rocktober towel.


Pedro Martinez was hounded by dozens of Rockies fans for a souvenir ball, and he walked away as if deaf. Moments later, he unleashed a backwards, no-look underhand popup into the seats and watched as surprised Rockies fans shoved each other out of the way for the ball. He passed out at least a half dozen balls, mostly to children, and from what I could tell, all Rockies fans.