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Friday Rockpile: NLCS Results, Minor League Top 20's

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Phillies 8, Dodgers 6 - The Good Phight
"Had 'em all the way, Harry: the Phillies outlasted the Dodgers in an exhausting, exhilarating 8-6 win in the first game of the National League Championship Series."

Dodgers' Aces Felled By A Pair Of Treys - True Blue LA
"The Phillies used the time-honored tradition of walks and extra-base hits to defeat the Dodgers 8-6 in Game 1 of the NLCS."

Renck: Utley's confession four days too late - The Denver Post
Yep, Chase Utley admits the ball hit him. At the end, Renck believes that Cleveland may want to look at Clint Hurdle for their managerial position, Eric Wedge having been fired at the end of September.

Since it is the offseason, we will need to do a new Top 30 PuRPs, though voting won't take place for a few weeks. But until there will be much to ponder. As a starting point, let's take a look at Baseball America's Top 20 lists for Rockies prospects: Pioneer League Top 20 Prospects
Nolan Arenado, 8th
Chris Balcom-Miller, 9th Northwest League Top 20 Prospects
Tim Wheeler, 5th - Scouting report for him isn't hot on his defense, which could move him out of center and into left.
Rob Scahill, 15th - Fastball has gone as high as mid 90's, slider is above average. Needs changeup to continue as a starter
Ben Paulsen, 16th - Exclusively a first baseman, not a good runner, but it's his bat that will carry him. Very aggressive at the plate. South Atlantic League Top 20 Prospects
None, but Christian Friedrich would have been high on the list had he qualified. California League Top 20 Prospects
Christian Friedrich, 2nd Texas League Top 20 Prospects
Jhoulys Chacin, 4th - Didn't always show plus command of his fastball, but still one of the most polished pitchers.
Esmil Rogers, 7th - Easy mechanics, willing to go after hitters. Still needs to work on changeup.
Michael McKenry, 14th - There are scouts who believe he has reached his potential, but would be a good backup catcher.
Samuel Deduno, 20th - Scouting report says that the life on his pitches causes confusion for batters, catchers, and umpires because they don't know where the ball will wind up. Pacific Coast League Top 20 Prospects
Esmil Rogers, 12th