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Saturday Rockpile: Will we be saying goodbye to some old friends?

Posting from the road, so I'm keeping it short (and late). The stove is already heating up...

Brad Hawpe: What’s His Trade Market? " The Ghost of Moonlight Graham
Adam Bernacchio looks at the trade market for Brad Hawpe and goes through his pros/cons as well as potential suitors, which include the Red Sox (aren't they potential suitors for EVERYONE?), Mets, and Cubs.

What The Rockies Should Do With Betancourt, Hawpe and Torrealba | Around the Majors
Tyler Hissey ponders what the Rockies should do with three of their upcoming free agents. It seems like he pretty much echoes the sentiments of the crowd here at Purple Row, saying that Betancourt should be brought back, while Hawpe and Torrealba should receive their walking papers. He does make some compelling arguments along the way, so check it out.

Renck: Baseball in November is ridiculous - The Denver Post
In Troy E. Renck's piece about the hilarity of baseball being played in November, he has the following quote from Dodgers' coach Larry Bowa regarding our very own Rox: "Well, the mauling occurred early in the season. The last (three series) we played against them, they were great games," Dodgers third-base coach Larry Bowa said. "They are young. And they have a lot of talent." Bowa apparently went on to gush about budding star Carlos Gonzalez. Also, buried in the article is an update on Yorvit Torrealba, whom the Rockies would like to bring back but at less than half of his $4MM club option. As Renck says, Torrealba will likely bolt if a starting job is offered for similar (or more) money.