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Sunday Rockpile: O'Dowd and Tracy still expected to sign contracts, no news on that front, though.

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Every so often a photograph hits the sports desk that makes you stop and think about the beauty of the human body in movement. Usually we get over it pretty quick, but this week it's time to linger.

One of the photos that writer Andrew Tate at the Aussie rag has decided to linger over happens to be of Taylor Buchholz. Excellent choice, Andrew. Let's just linger over that photo some more...

Troy E. Renck says that there hasn't been any movement in the contract extension talks with Dan O'Dowd or Jim Tracy, but the absence of their names as candidates for other vacancies around the league suggests that they will be returning and aren't really shopping themselves for leverage. Renck suggests that both deals will be at least two years with an option year, which is the industry standard.

Meanwhile former manager Clint Hurdle has resorted to waiting tables for work along with some John Elway guy who used to play quarterback for some semi-pro football team in Denver or something. I'm kidding, it's great to see that he's still involved with the community like that.