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Playoff Clinching Trivia

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Yesterday, I pointed out that the Rockies have managed to clinch on October 1 all three years the have made it to the postseason, but that's not the only trivia Rocktober brings.

Have a little fun.  Answer the following questions for all three playoff clinching games.

  1. Location
  2. Manager
  3. Date
  4. Regular Season Game Number
  5. Opposing Team
  6. Rockies' Starting Pitcher
  7. Opposing Team's Starting Pitcher
  8. Winning Pitcher
  9. Losing Pitcher
  10. Player with game-winning RBI
  11. Player with game-winning run
  12. Game-ending play
  13. Final Score
  14. Eliminated team

The answers are after the jump, but don't peek.




Location Coors Field Coors Field Coors Field
Manager Don Baylor Clint Hurdle Jim Tracy
Date October 1 October 1 October 1
Game # 144 163 159
Opposing Team San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres Milwaukee Brewers
Opposing SP Joe Rosselli Jake Peavy Manny Parra
Rockies SP Bret Saberhagen Josh Fogg Aaron Cook
Winning Pitcher Lance Painter Ramon Ortiz Aaron Cook
Losing Pitcher Mark Leiter Trevor Hoffman Manny Parra
Game-winning RBI Walt Weiss Jamey Carroll Garrett Atkins
Game-winning Run Andres Galarraga Matt Holliday Todd Helton
Game-ending Play Jeff Reed groundout, 3U Jamey Carroll sac fly Franklin Morales strikeout
Final Score 10-9 9-8, 13 inn. 9-2
Eliminated Team Houston Astros San Diego Padres Atlanta Braves

How did you do?