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Jim Tracy named NL Manager of the Year, Scioscia in the AL

As announced by The Sporting News at midnight, Jim Tracy was selected as the Manager of the Year by a panel of 22 MLB managers.

Tracy, who took the reins after Clint Hurdle's firing, led the club from an 18-28 start and went 74-42 to lead the club to their franchise best finish of 92-70, as well as their second postseason berth in 3 years.

Regrettably, the Rockies did not advance beyond the NLDS in the postseason, however, many players cited Tracy as being instrumental in the club's turnaround.

The Rockies' brass are still working on an extension for Tracy, as well as GM Dan O'Dowd.

On the other side of the spectrum, Mike Scioscia led the Angels to their 3rd consecutive postseason (6th in the past 8 years), their 3rd consecutive division title (5th in past 6 years), and the team finished at 97-65, 1 game shy of breaking the .600 mark. The Angels are currently down 3-1 against the Yankees in the ALCS.

Hat tip to SDCat09 for the fanshot.


***It should be noted that this is NOT the Official MoTY award as presented by the BBWAA. However, the Sporting News' award should hardly be sniffed at.***