Purple Row donates $100 to the Mike Coolbaugh Memorial


Congratulations fellow Rowbots, the check we have all been waiting for arrived in the mail and I have spent it. Back on September 17th we placed submissions for a worthy charity in which to donate our money to and the overwhelming response was for the Mike Coolbaugh Memorial. The timing for the donation is perfect as the Memorial Golf Tournament occurs on November 7th. Anyone interested in playing in the tournament is welcome to join in at the Tapatio Springs Golf Resort in Boerne, TX. The cost to play is $125 but anyone who pre-registers will receive a $50 discount for 18 holes and dinner. The dinner also includes a live auction for donated items such as a Spring Training Trip to Arizona, autographed jerseys and other autographed merchandise.


This morning I submitted the money to the Mike Coolbaugh Memorial and received this reply in response.


Thank you so much Charlie for the generous donation from PurpleRow.  We truly appreciate support from individuals and groups like yours.  We have a sign made for the tournament listing the "Friends" of Mike Coolbaugh - so how should I list your organization? As PurpleRow or Purplerow Cares? Let me know so I make sure to get it right. Thank you again for your support for the Coolbaugh Family.



Kristin Frank

Coolbaugh Memorial Tournament

If anyone would like to contribute individually to the Mike Coolbaugh Memorial, donations are welcome in any amount. According to the website donations are used for


The proceeds from this year's tournament will go partially to help support Mandy and the kids, but also to start a baseball clinic for kids from San Antonio who have lost a family member. She also wants to do what she can to promote safer conditions for baseball players, coaches and fans at every level.


Here is a picture of the check we received from Café Press for the sales of Purple Row merchandise. Holly and I want to thank everyone for their support of Purple Row Cares and hope that it continues in the future. The check we received was for all the sales from June to September. Everyone needs to start thinking of another charity, already we have earned nearly $80 for sales through October Rocktober.



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