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Saturday Rockpile: What the Rox should consider doing with Eric Young Jr.

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There is an agonizingly extreme shortage of Rockies-related news today, so I figured I'd dive into a topic that was explored a bit in an chat with Jim Callis.

Chat: Chat with Baseball America's Jim Callis - SportsNation - ESPN
Scroll down a bit and you can see that Callis thinks highly of our very own Ubaldo Jimenez. Most people do, and rightfully so. Also, when asked to compare Dee Gordon and Eric Young Jr., here's Callis' answer:

I would take Gordon because I'm not convinced Young can stay in the infield. Gordon isn't a lock to stay at shortstop but I think he'll figure it out.

That begs the question: what should the Rockies do with EY2? The good thing about the possible conundrum the club will face with the talented youngster is that he is very versatile - as he has shown the ability to play in the infield and outfield. That said, he is probably an average-to-below average defender at both spots. You have to think, though, that with more reps he will improve at one (or both) of the positions, which will increase his value.

With Garrett Atkins and Omar Quintanilla being likely non-tender candidates (not to mention the fact that Brad Hawpe will probably be on the trading block, despite what the Rockies' front office is saying at this point), the younger Young is pretty much a lock for a spot on the 25-man coming out of Spring Training in 2010. However, am I alone in thinking it may be wise to place him back in Triple-A to have him get more work at one position or the other (instead of being a super-utility guy for the big league club, as we all know Clint Barmes will be penciled in at second base in the Opening Day lineup, along with the likely trio of Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez, and Seth Smith in the outfield)? Given the Rockies' current solid outfield depth, I'd like to see him spend all of his time honing his skills in the infield, as I think his value there will be of more importance/relevance to the big league team.

I've rambled on about as much as I can regarding this subject. Now, commence the inevitable Barmes flaming/Brian Roberts trade mongering in the comments. Also, you should humor me a bit and suggest a few players who could fill EY2's spot in the unlikely (but again in my opinion, very reasonable) event of him starting the year in the Springs.