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Saturday Rockpile: Wild finish on the horizon, Jimenez in playoff form, more

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MLB - Wild NL headed toward wild finish - FOX Sports on MSN
Ken Rosenthal notes that all four National League playoff teams are still in the race for the NL's best record and of course, home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs. Further down in the article, Rosenthal picks the Cardinals to win the NL. Out of the four NL teams, home field advantage would benefit the Rockies most, as they were 51-30 at home this season - good for the second best home record in baseball. Their desire to play more games at home than on the road in the playoffs was evident last night while beating a team against which they were previously 3-12.

Regular season means little come playoff time - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
The rather creepy-looking Mark Kreigel (according to his picture at the top of the article, anyway) writes that the regular season doesn't mean much when the playoffs come around. The article is primarily based upon the fact that it appears the Rockies are surging into the postseason, while the Dodgers look to be backing in. It seems as if he's insinuating that the Dodgers will go a long way in the playoffs, and the Rockies will be immediately eliminated. However, that could just be me and my overall Negative Nancy-attitude toward the MSM.

Jimenez in playoff form - The Denver Post
Ubaldo Jimenez was terrific last night, minus the traffic-filled third inning. But, even then, U-Ball showed resiliency and composure and got out of the inning with minimal damage - something that hasn't always been the case this season. Plus, striking out Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp in succession to end an inning like that really deserves some serious praise.

Yankees, Rockies and Mariners dominate 30 best moves of year - Jon Heyman -
Dan O'Dowd and the Rockies front office have had a terrific year, as most of you know.'s Jon Heyman can obviously get behind a statement like that, as five moves that the Rockies made this past year made it into his top 30. Check out the article to see where they rank.

Krieger: Rockies' personnel plan bears fruit in playoff runs - The Denver Post
Two shrewd deals to unload "franchise" players have really behooved the Rockies in two of the past three seasons. The Rockies' plan, which has been loathed by some but praised by many, seems to be working - and there's no doubt about that.