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Sunday Rockpile: Expect much Phunny Business in headlines and comments this week

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Certain things you can count on. Anytime Josh Fogg pitches, there will be a weather allusion. Anytime the Rockies play the Phillies, keyboard F's eventually stop working. At least Troy Renck and the Denver Post avoided that for the most part today, Renck instead taking aim and Philly's iconic sandwich with his opening: 

At any rate, after losing the division for keeps last night, the Rockies can now focus on getting healthy for the playoffs. The Phillies, for their part, are trying to decide whether to put rookie phenom J.A. Happ in the rotation or the bullpen with the loss of J.C. Romero


Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba faced worst fears with son's kidnapping, bounced back - The Denver Post - A great piece by Patrick Saunders on the resurgence of Torrealba after his son's kidnapping, I definitely suggest reading it. Just how Torrealba has been able to affect this change is still a mystery to me, but that he's been a huge contributor for the Rockies down the stretch isn't in doubt. Getting production from the catcher's slot in the lineup is definitely something that was missing early in the season, but here are the stats for Torrealba and Chris Iannetta in Sep/Oct:

2009 - Chris Iannetta 8 18 4 7 2 1 2 3 4 2 0 0 .389 .522 .944

Believe it or not, Rockies catchers have been the fourth best in the majors in getting on base and keeping rallies going in the majors this year (to the Twins and Mauer, the Braves with McCann and the Cards with Molina) which is a big part of the team's success. If there's any way to retain both these players for 2010 to keep this going, it will be in the Rockies best interest.


Inside the Colorado Rockies " Rockies New Math | Tracy Ringolsby-

As Ringolsby points out, what makes the Rockies dangerous for the playoffs is that there's not just one area of the team on offense or in the pitching staff to counterattack (well, maybe certain parts of the bullpen that will go unnamed). It's not like the Cardinals where if you figure out how to neutralize or at least minimize the damage done by Pujols and Holliday you have a solid chance of winning, the Rockies have dangerous hitters throughout the lineup, pitchers that are proficient at their job throughout the rotation. The flipside is that while this set up works very well and steamrolling over inferior teams, against these three playoff teams it's been hit or miss and dependent on who gets hot. Other factoids from ITR: