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Wednesday Rockpile: Jimenez Leads Rockies Against Fightin' Phils in Game 1 of NLDS

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On the morning of the Colorado Rockies' NLDS showdown with the Philadelphia Phillies, there are a whole bunch of articles related to the series. Here are a few:

Helton is heart of the Rockies - The Denver Post
Troy Renck writes about the profound impact Todd Helton has in the locker room.

Jimenez emerges as ace for Rockies - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders writes eloquently about the development and character of Ubaldo Jimenez, plus an explanation of how Jimenez throws his wicked pitches. 

Kiszla: Time for Jimenez to wow 'em - The Denver Post
Mark Kiszla believes that Ubaldo has to pitch brilliantly for the Rockies to win this series. And you know what? I'm with him on that point (though not his entire article). If the Rockies don't win Jimenez's start today, I don't believe that they'll win this series.

On that note...

Phils, Rox out for Game 1 momentum | News
As Doug Miller writes, both the Phillies and Rockies have myriad reasons for inflating the importance of a singular baseball game in the midst of what they hope will be 11-win October runs. 

Lee, then Hamels to start for Phillies - The Denver Post
In this article Jim Armstrong mentions that Charlie Manuel has not made a decision for his game 3 starter (Joe Blanton or J.A. Happ). At this point I hope that it's the righty Blanton, because then Tracy will utilize the best hitters on the team in the starting lineup.

Game 3 to Hammel; Marquis to 'pen - The Denver Post
Renck writes about how Tracy will use the bullpen (Morales likely for only one hitter) and bench (EY2 as a pinch runner).

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Late Sprint Carried Belisle To Postseason
Jack Etkin writes about Matt Belisle's rocky road to the postseason roster.

NLDS Preview: Colorado Rockies | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron previews the NLDS matchups from the Rockies' perspective.

What to watch for in Rockies-Phillies series -
USA TODAY breaks down three facets of the Colorado Rockies-Philadelphia Phillies series.

BLS postseason entrance exam: Colorado Rockies - Big League Stew - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Here's a blog post that details some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Rockies.

Rockies learned from '07 playoff run | News
As Thomas Harding writes, the Rockies are right back where they were two years ago -- in the National League Division Series, facing a favored Phillies team. While it's hard to argue with the last result, the Rockies believe they are better now than they were then. I agree with this sentiment, but the Phillies are also a better team.

Macho Row: Previewing the NLDS with Rockies blog Purple Row

Keys to Philadelphia Phillies-Colorado Rockies Division Series - Cliff Corcoran -
Finally, SI's Corcoran writes about some keys to the NLDS series.