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Evening Miscellany: Rockies not drawing a TV audience during the playoffs yet, but broke viewing records during regular season

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A fresh thread filled with Rockies goodness. Some links too:

The Phllies are entertaining, anyway. On Thursday, the only Philadelphian we knew for sure was ready to deliver was Heidi Hamels.

Mike Lopresti from the next link down


Phillies head to Colorado with pitching in doubt for Game 3 -


Bob Ford: Manuel's move could be costly | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/08/2009



America not tuned in for Rockies-Phillies game 1 - Philadelphia Business Journal:


The Rockies/Phils may have been a ratings clunker for TBS, but we got a press release from FSN Rocky Mountain that says they're trending up and broke some viewership records during the regular season:

The success and popularity of the Colorado Rockies in 2009 translated into record viewership on the team's exclusive regional television partner, FSN Rocky Mountain. The cable sports network recorded strong ratings throughout the season, posting the all-time highest season average rating with a 4.2 (151 games), and the highest-rated Rockies single-game telecast (10.1) this past Saturday night when the West Division title was on the line for the Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ratings for 151 Rockies game telecasts in 2009 were 27 percent higher than the average for 126 games on the network in 2008. The next highest-rated season on FSN Rocky Mountain was a 3.9 average during both the 2000 and 2001 seasons.

The rest of the NLDS schedule has been announced, the Rockies will be enjoying competing with the nightly news for the next two contests:

  • Gm 3 PHI @ COL Sat Oct. 10 9:37 PM TBS 
  • Gm 4 PHI @ COL Sun Oct. 11 10:07 PM TBS 
  • Gm 5* COL @ PHI Tue Oct. 13 6:07 PM TBS