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Friday Rockpile: As the postseason turns. . . .

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Rockies overcome Phillies 5-4 to head home even - The Denver Post
Yorvit Torrealba was the star of the Rockies' movie yesterday afternoon. With a Rockies win in Act I, Scene II (of a three-act play), the stage transitions to the city of Denver.

Phillies manager still being mysterious about Game 3 starter - The Denver Post
Charlie, choose someone already. Or choose Pedro Martinez so I can see him round the bases on a snowmobile (or so I hear he wants to do).

Giambi's advice to young Rockies pays off - The Denver Post
Inside the Colorado Rockies " Giambi Speaks; Fowler Listens | Major League Baseball in Denver
Are we sure it wasn't the golden thong that paid off for the youngsters?

De La Rosa to test groin; Hammel OK with snowfall - The Denver Post
Jorge De La Rosa sounds as if things are feeling better for him, but we'll need to wait for his bullpen session tomorrow. And apparently Jason Hammel played in a quadrupleheader in the snow years ago. Damn, I'd like to have been in the stands.

Micromanaging Jim Tracy's fingerprints all over Rockies' last six outs - The Denver Post
Here it worked out.

Kiszla: These "meatballs" are having fun - The Denver Post
Carlos Gonzalz wants to face Pedro Martinez Saturday, because he owns him when hitting against him in video games. In other news, I can't hit any pitcher in a video game and haven't played virtual baseball since March.

Postseason isn't life or death for Rockies' Aaron Cook - The Denver Post
Aaron Cook leaves it all on the field or in the clubhouse before going home to his wife and kids.