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GM Meetings Day 3: Today is a National Holliday

To kick things off, in all seriousness, thank you to all of our Veterans who have served our country and are serving our country, in any and all capacities. What you all have done and are doing requires a strength of body, mind, and character that I could only hope to attain someday. Sincerely, Thank You, and God Bless you.


Moving to the lighter side of things, we have a few rumors already kicking up. Mostly about New York. Great.

The Statue of Liberty has been resigned to a 87 year, $1.479B contract that will be shared between the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Giants, Rangers, and in small (mostly ceremonial) part, Paris FC, with a regional option on the 88th year that will vest if the poor, tired, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free are continued to be given through year 31.

Rudy Guliani has agreed to a 7 year sponsorship agreement with New Era and Fox that will ensure that you know he LOVES NEW YORK by means of him excitedly wearing a Yankees cap when spotted at games.

And finally, the Mets have offered Albert Pujols 12 years, $314M, until someone gently informed Omar Minaya that Pujols was not, in fact, a free agent.


But seriously, baseball news in the comments.