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Thursday Rockpile: No gold in them thar gloves, Torrealba hints he might want to come back

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So for the fifth straight season, NL coaches and managers thought that the Rockies didn't really have any defenders who were the best at their craft. I get the feeling that alien anthropologists thousands of years from now will get the impression that all of the Rockies success in 2009 came because of work off the field of play, and we won solely by the shrewd maneuverings of our manager and GM. The big question mark for the Rockies seems to be with Troy Tulowitzki, who had both the fielding and hitting resume one typically associates with Gold Glove winners, but I would suggest that in 2010, should Carlos Gonzalez play a full season like he did for the Rockies since June, we might see two incumbent Phillies knocked off their perches. 

Troy Renck also makes note of a post he originally put in the DP's All Things Rockies blog last night that when Yorvit Torrealba declined the Rockies two year offer, his option had not yet been declined. Renck then goes into the odd nuances of what this meant for Torrealba, but the implied upshot seems to be that Yorvit wants to keep that two year contract option open, but it may be off the table from the Rockies end. I'm not blaming either party here, both are trying to play the current collective bargaining system to their maximum benefit which is fine, we'll see how this plays out. 

Pilgrims to the Rockies new Spring Training facility at Salt River will enjoy plenty of shade in the grandstands as architects continue to improve our quality of life by design. Wunderbar!

As for notes around the division, I guess the most prominent could be that the Giants are looking to re-sign a more svelte Brad Pennyaccording to Buster Olney. Penny would seemingly replace Randy Johnson in the Giants old, wise, oft injured and dangerous to the opponent pitcher category. He should be a bit of an upgrade in that role, in fact. I probably have to reassess my opinions of how shallow their rotation is should that signing come about.