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Friday Rockpile: If Danny Ardoin is the answer, Chris Iannetta doesn't have much of a problem

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It's a light news day for the Rockies as there's nothing much out there, but here are a few links:

Inbox: What's next for Hawpe and Atkins? | News
Thomas Harding dips into his mailbag to answer questions Atkins and Hawpe, a big right-handed bat, and who the backup catcher will be. One of those questions involves Danny Ardoin (HINT: It's not the one about the big right-handed bat).

All about the high inside fastball - The Hardball Times
Nick explores one of the game's best pitches.

The College Baseball Blog " Top 100 Players
The College Baseball Blog looks at the Top 100 CBB players for the upcoming season. This will be a good resource to turn to for the 2010 draft.

Free Agent Friday: Second Base 2010 - Beyond the Box Score
Who are the best available second basemen in this year's free agent crop? Hint: it's not Orlando Hudson. Find out the answer now at Beyond the Box Score.