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Monday Rockpile: BBWAA Awards given out this week

Renck: Rockies' strategy with Betancourt risky, yet clever - The Denver Post
Troy Renck opines that we should trust what Dan O'Dowd is doing with the Rafael Betancourt situation because the last year has shown O'Dowd to be a shrewd dealer/negotiator. The mental institute has tons of open spaces available, so it could be lonely for anyone there.

Baseball's biggest honors up for grabs | News
Happ, Hanson among NL ROY candidates | News

First up, Rookie of the Year awards. The second link examines several NL RoY candidates. Discuss the results here after the awards are announced later today.

2010 UZR Projections - Updated 11/15/09 - Beyond the Box Score
Guess who has the worst projection?

Villalona has U.S. visa revoked | News
San Francisco Giants prospect Angel Villalona, who was charged with killing a man in September, had his U.S. visa revoked.