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Friday Rockpile: Free Agency period starts today

Rockies Atkins awaiting "another team" - The Denver Post
Renck's blog post about the decision to not release Garrett Atkins today turned into a regular article, but it's the first four words that made me stop for a moment. Clint Barmes, 30, is not the future. He's a stopgap until the Rockies can handle the issue internally. Maybe that'll take a year or two, but representing the future gives off a whole different connotation.

Selig: Postseason schedule to be tightened | News
Makes you wonder what would have happened in 2007 had the Rockies not waited 105 days to start the World Series.

Selig: Some teams didn't make profit - The Denver Post

World Soccer Digest - Shrinking the Soccer World
SB Nation continues to grow as it develops a soccer community. World Soccer Digest will follow all the stories leading up to World Cup South Africa and go all out during the event. If you love soccer, WSD will be the place to go discuss the World Cup.

Discuss any free agent signings today in this Rockpile.