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Monday Rockpile: Unnamed NL West team interested in Yorvit Torrealba

Rockies kick tires on catcher Schneider; Contreras could head to Japan | All Things Rockies
Unless Torrealba returns to the Rockies, it's hard to say that Chris Iannetta won't be the starting catcher next season. Paul Phillips? Brian Schneider? Nice backups.

Troy Renck believes that the NL West team that is interested in Torrealba is San Francisco. Torrealba played for the Giants from 2001 to 2005. Who can't wait to see the fights on McCovey Chronicles over the Posey v. Torrealba debate? Something about dirigibles, fires, explosions, etc.

Renck also mentions Bobby Crosby and Fernando Tatis as right-handed bench bats. Tatis was the subject of a comment thread in a Rockpile a few days ago. As for Crosby, remember about four years ago when it was sort of a good thing to compare Troy Tulowitzki to Crosby? How much things have changed.

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