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Friday Rockpile: I should have a title here but you'll need to settle for this

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. December is almost upon us, which means the Winter Meetings. Things'll pick up around here once those start. On Tuesday, Baseball America will unveil the Rockies' 2010 Top 10 Prospect List, providing a starting point for discussion. Until then, here's some news from around the National League.

Tate continues trend: On mend - Sports -
Donovan Tate, the Padres' selection at the number three slot in the 2009 draft, had surgery on October 7 and he's been doing nothing for the last month. While he might not like it much, it's better than following the Matt Bush School of Histrionics.

Chicago Cubs aren't going to rush Starlin Castro --
The Cubs have a hotshot shortstop coming up, which will move Ryan Theriot over to second base. In other news, this does not put the Cubs any closer to winning a World Series.

Holliday open to playing in any part of the country
Our ol' buddy, national traveler.

Phillies' Moyer back in hospital for 'evaluation' | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/27/2009
You know, at this point I have the feeling that Jamie Moyer will pitch into his 60's.