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Tuesday Rockpile: A visual refresh

By now you've noticed Purple Row looks a bit different. There's a bit more gray and white on the pages now, and all the boxes and widgets on the sidebars are more rounded on the edges. Headlines are now left-justified, which will take time to look correct, and they also look blah right now. The site's tagline gets buried under an ad, having previously been above. This refresh has its ups and downs, and I'd like to know what everyone here thinks.

If you find any problems with the site that may be related to the refresh, please e-mail

Renck: Notes on Torrealba, Betancourt, Atkins - The Denver Post
Nothing major on this front with Yorvit Torrealba and Rafael Betancourt, but Renck offers the Phillies as a possible destination for Garrett Atkins if he's non-tendered and if Pedro Feliz has his option declined.

Jorge de la Rosa’s Question Mark | FanGraphs Baseball
R.J. Anderson looks at DLR's ?.

Negative Team WAR - 2009 Edition - Beyond the Box Score
A look at the negative WAR accumulated by all 30 teams. The Royals and Padres head the list and Rockies are last.

Former Rockies assistant to GM has many memories of early days - The Denver Post
Chris Rice, former assistant to GM, discusses those early days with the Rockies.