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Thursday Rockpile: Yankees championship hints that death, taxes may also be possible

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It's so great to see long suffering franchises like the one in New York finally break through and win a championship after many years of loyal, patient, support from their understanding fans. Yes, the one thing that the Yankees World Series win tells us is that the one sure way out of a rut for a franchise is a slow rebuild involving years of patiently developing stars at remote farm outposts as far flung as Seattle, Dallas, and in the case of C.C. Sabathia, that tiny backwater known as Cleveland. By carefully using one's meager television base to develop a trickle of revenue that will allow the team's scouts to purchase the Extra Innings packages necessary to observe the team's various farm clubs and looking for those unwanted scrap heap free agents that prove to be diamonds in the rough like Mark Teixeira and AJ Burnett. Yes, this is a big victory for the little guy, and the Pirates would do well to emulate this model if they ever want to get above .500.

I know many prominent baseball observers thought that we may never see another Yankees championship after their last one so long ago all the way back in Y2K, I'm sure I heard Bob Costas say it, or maybe I knew this woman who said she knew somebody who heard Bob Costas say it, and Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were clearly laughing that the Yankees even managed to get to the Series until the very end, when it finally became clear that this could actually happen, that this ragtag bunch of misfits and castoffs could maybe actually pull this thing off, but this resilient little franchise proved all those doubters wrong.

Congratulations New York, I and the rest of the world raise our fingers in salute to you in that manner of your most charming taxi drivers. May your next championship drought be only five times so long.