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Friday Rockpile: Free agency filings begin; no surprises for the Rockies

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Rockies zero in on going the distance - The Denver Post
Renck offers three steps for the Rockies to make it to the World Series: Win the west and have home-field advantage, have Ubaldo Jimenez become a #1, and takes pitches and strike out less (especially Carlos Gonzalez, Dexter Fowler, and Chris Iannetta).

Rockies sign relievers Flores, Belisle - The Denver Post
Here’s the details on the Belisle, Flores contracts | All Things Rockies
God help us if either guy starts to collect on those additional incentives in their contracts. Also, Omar Quintanilla was out-righted to Colorado Springs, while Joel Peralta opted to become a free agent after being out-righted.

Reynolds, Johnston in Rising Stars game | News
Relievers Matt Reynolds and Andrew Johnston made the Arizona Fall League's Rising Stars game.

Marquis, Giambi top list of Rox free agents | News
Lackey, Holliday and 77 others file for free agency - MLB -
Here's an article on the Rockies' FA's, as well as a list of everyone who has filed for free agency so far.

Reports of Teahen trade appear to be premature -
Someone jumped the gun in reporting the Teahean-to-White Sox deal for Josh Fields and Chris Getz. If this is how the offseason starts, let's hope for more intrigue.

The 2009 Yogi Berra Award
San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval had the most base hits on bad balls. There are several top 10 lists in the article--find Chris Iannetta.