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Saturday Rockpile: Options are all a guy really wants

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Rockies decline options on Torrealba, Embree | All Things Rockies
No surprises here, as both players have filed for free agency. Yorvit Torrealba could return to the Rockies for less money, but there's also a decent chance that he will find more money elsewhere. Meanwhile, Alan Embree could catch on somewhere with a minor league deal, but probably won't command much more than that. But, what do I know?

Eleven Option Decisions Made Today: MLB Rumors -
Option decisions of note that were made yesterday (in addition to the ones mentioned above: The White Sox declined Jermaine Dye's $12MM option, while the Phillies and D-Backs picked up their options on Cliff Lee and Brandon Webb. There are sitll a whole slew of options remaining.

Texas Rangers Blog | Sports News | News from Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
Evan Grant takes a close look at the Rockies' offensive numbers with Clint Hurdle as their hitting coach.

Report: San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum has deal to settle drug charge - ESPN
Tim Lincecum will likely pay a $250 fine for possessing a marijuana pipe. Apparently, the charge for possessing the actual marijuana will be dismissed. According to a Clark County prosecutor, the situation with Lincecum doesn't differ from that of any first-time offender for something of this matter.