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Sunday Rockpile: Fogg clearing out, De La Rosa looking for Ollie Perez money

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Josh Fogg will not be a part of the Rockies 2010 team, it seems, as the club has told the veteran right hander it's moving in a different direction. Losing Fogg would open another slot on the 40 man roster.

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal has a couple of Rockies notes in his latest. The big blip being that Jorge De La Rosa, who will become a free agent after the 2010 season, is looking for a similar contract to the one that the Mets gave to Oliver Perez last winter. If you're going by the quality of their stuff and their maddening inability to be consistent with it, they actually are pretty similar pitchers, so it's not that surprising. Of course, working against JDLR is the fact that Perez' contract is already deemed a bust, and other clubs will be reluctant to make the same mistake that Omar Minaya did. The upshot, however, is that if JDLR's got his eye on free agent riches, it might behoove the Rockies to consider trading him before then, which according to Rosenthal, is exactly what seems to be happening.

He also has a little on the Rafael Betancourt negotiations. Betancourt purportedly turned down a two year extension in the $6.5 to $7 million range. Rosenthal also mentions the well reported likely non-tender of Garrett Atkins, and sees the Phillies as a possible fit for the third baseman.

We're keeping an eye on the list of available free agent hitting talent, as the Giants are either going to have to dip into that pool or give up a hefty chunk of their decent looking future in trade. Right now, from a Rockies centered view, it's looking pretty good for us, bad for them. One key bat that was supposed to be available to keep the cost of other talent down, Bobby Abreu, re-upped with the Angels (mentioned in these DP wire notes) for two more seasons, pretty much limiting the Giants to making really big, long and expensive plays on a Jason Bay or Matt Holliday or taking a lot more risk with an older player such as Jermaine Dye, Carlos Delgado or Vlad Guerrero.

The Diamondbacks are working out a Chris Snyder for Lyle Overbay trade with the Blue Jays.

The Dodgers are looking into extending Joe Torre.