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Winter Meetings Day 4: All Quiet on the Holliday Front

Ok, that's somewhat of a misnomer. Teams have expressed interest in Matt Holliday. For the bigger market teams, he seems to be a perpetual option. The Mets are still interested, but keep balking at the price - or do they? They've been linked to one of Bay, Holliday, or Lackey, as they want to make at least that much of a splash, but I haven't heard anything hard yet.

Holliday's agent, Scott Boras, has tried to link Holliday to the happiness of Albert Pujols, insinuating that it'd make the whole "lifetime extension" concept a bit easier to sign. The major opponents hate the idea of 1/3 of the payroll tied up between 2 players, but I frankly don't see how StL can seriously be a force in the NLC without the likes of Holliday or Bay.

In other news the Rays have landed Rafael Soriano, but they are still needing to negotiate a contract. Atlanta receives reliever Jesse Chavez in exchange.

The Yankees are currently negotiating with Johnny Damon.

The Mets are going to make 2 offers before they leave today: Bengie Molina, and ???? - according to Steve Popper from Amazin' Stories.

The Red Sox are concerned that Jason Bay may not be durable enough to warrant a big contract.


Anything else exciting going on? Post it in here!