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Friday Rockpile: Rockies remain low-key during Winter Meetings, wait to non-tender Garrett Atkins

Rox quiet, but gain ground in negotiations | News
Thomas Harding runs down what the Rockies did (and did not) do at the Winter Meetings.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Winter hush falls over Rockies | Major League Baseball in Denver
Steve Foster puts forth the following question now that the winter meetings have ended: "So it’s time to reset the debate with this question: Is a boring offseason a good thing or a bad thing for the Rockies? Discuss."

Rockies Iannetta agrees to three-year, $8.3 million deal - The Denver Post
Pawtucket Times - Ex-SRA star Iannetta lands three-year deal with Rockies

Rockies still appreciate catcher Iannetta - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Yesterday's big story was Chris Iannetta's new deal: 3 years, $8.3M with a $5M club option for 2013. As the first article states, Iannetta will compete for the starting job, be it against Yorvit Torrealba (if both sides can bridge the financial gap) or Miguel Olivo. If the former happens, there's a new rule. Previously, all conversation on that topic received a ban. There will be no ban on discussing it. Instead, I'll just unleash the banhammer on anyone who crosses the line during any debate. So live in fear that the banhammer will drop on you. [Grand Moff Tarkin]Fear will keep the locals in line. Fear of the banhammer. [/Grand Moff Tarkin] And unlike a ginormous moon-sized battle station (which was really meant to exploit uninhabitable planets for their resources) the banhammer doesn't have an open exhaust port to send a proton torpedo down.

Colorado hopes to coax Giambi's return | News
Jim Tracy is staying in touch with Jason Giambi in case the guy can't find an AL team to join. If he did rejoin the Rockies, I would hope we'd run out of golden thong jokes before April ends.

Getting To Know Jason Marquis " – New York Mets Video Baseball Blog | Mets News
Poseidon's Fist answered several questions about Jason Marquis for this Mets blog.

Philadelphia Phillies boldly raising the bar in National League - Tom Verducci -
The Phillies appear to be in the lead for Roy Halladay's services, and, according to Bob Melvin in the article, are building a powerhouse in the National League. There's going to be an open exhaust port somewhere.