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Tuesday Rockpile: Roy Halladay will pitch at Coors Field in 2010 (maybe)

I know everyone is waking up in hopes of hearing the final details of the Halladay/Lee blockbuster, but alas, there's nothing to report yet.  Here's some appetizers while you wait:

If the trade is finalized, Halladay has a 60% chance of taking the mound once during the regular season next year.  Philadelphia comes to town May 10-12.

It must be terrible to play in Toronto, where a meteor striking New England provides the only chance of playoff action.  Not surprisingly, Roy Halladay wants postseason action (Dusty Saunders, Denver Post).  One interesting line:

He has never pitched in a single major-league postseason game. Not one. That's about to change.

When is the last time an NL team was so supremely awesome on paper in November that playoff tickets could already be printed?

Someoned analyzed the Halladay/Lee insanity with Trade Value Calculator at Beyond the Box Score.  If Blicks' calculations are correct, the trade heavily favors Toronto (though their value is most volatile as it is chiefly tied to prospects) while Philly paid over $23million in value for a 1.0 WAR increase.  Of course, Cliff Lee's reluctance to sign on longterm and Halladay's requisite 3-year extension in place changes the motives.

RJ Anderson at Fangraphs writes about Cliff Lee.  One thing is certain - Halladay cannot be more dominant against the Rockies than Lee was.  It's not like Halladay dominated the Rockies the one time he pitched against us.  Oh, wait.  


Rockies Links

Rockies are among Capps' suitors | News (Thomas Harding)
Colorado has apparently called Matt Capps' agent, which naturally could mean anything.  There is apparent mutual interest, as Capps enjoyed playing for Jim Tracy in 2006-07 and the Rockies need a right-handed reliever.  The late inning roles are filled, so Capps would have to be filling the role Jose Contreras would leave.  I assume O'Dowd would have mentioned this in the call he placed to agent Paul Kinzer, so the fact there remains "mutual interest" suggests to me that the former Pirate isn't shutting the door on a massively reduced role.  However, if he still wants to pitch late in games, one of the other eight teams that have expressed interest will likely give him that opportunity.  If the Rockies do acquire him, he could be next in line for the Bob Apodaca tune up.  Something tells me 'Dac could get Capps to throw his fastball for strikes again.

 Jon Heyman of writes of Yorvit Torrealba's grievance suit against the New York Mets from 2007.  The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow regarding Omar Minaya backing out on a 3-year $14.4million contract following the 2007 season.  Torrealba claims "the Mets falsely created the impression that [he] was an injury risk."

 Atkins Non-Tendered | FanGraphs Baseball - Dave Allen tries to analyze Atkins' decline.  While acknowledging his numbers have dropped each year since 2006, he lumps 2006-08 and compares is BABIP to 2009.  The result - his fly balls aren't turning into home runs or hits anymore, effectively meaning he has lost his ability to hit the ball hard.

Reward Retrospective: The 2007 National League MVP - Beyond the Box Score
A hot topic during the NLDS was Matt Holliday's loss to Jimmy Rollins for NL MVP.  Should Rollins have won?  No.  But should Holliday have won?  Turns out he wasn't even a clear choice for second (nointangiblesjuststatisticallyWARspeaking).