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Sunday Rockpile: You know it's slow when we're covering the Windy City Thunderbolts...

My apologies for being so late today. I'm working out some longer analysis pieces that I'll probably have to break into a couple of installments here as well as working on some player profiles for the Hardball Times. Those aren't the reasons I'm late, though. The reason I'm late is because my brunch date ran way over time from when I thought it would. At any rate, it's not like you're missing much:

Rockies sign Robert Perry - Perry, an outfielder, got as far as Lake Elsinore in the Padres system before being released and catching on with the Windy City franchise of the Frontier League. Perry's minor league stats were rather pedestrian, at best, but it seems he hit pretty well in the indy league. It seems he's likely destined to be only minor league filler, but getting back into affiliated ball does give him that chance at a big league call-up someday.

And other than that.., well.., uhm., former Rockies farmhand Eric Wulf has a hunting show... that's pretty exciting isn't it? 

Okay, the good news is that the Winter Meetings are this week and more actual Rockies related moves should start happening.