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Monday Rockpile: Winter Meetings Open Thread

Betancourt weighing his options on Rockies’ arbitration offer | All Things Rockies
Troy Renck isn't quite as sure as Tracy Ringolby on Rafael Betancourt's decision to accept the Rockies offer of arbitration. Maybe that has something to do with the Brewers still having some interest in the pitcher, but apparently their offer isn't as good as what he'll receive in arbitration as well as the loss of draft picks. O'Dowd and Betancourt's agent will meet today.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Today: NL Shopping Lists (Subscription Required)
Joe Sheehan runs down what each NL team's situation is as the Winter Meetings start. Sheehan's section on the Rockies revolves around moving Brad Hawpe for a starting pitcher or an infielder. Blog: John Manuel’s Early Take On The Talent Rankings
John Manuel put together his personal minor league rankings, and the Rockies are somewhere in the 6-15 range.

Pirates made less than $11 million past two years
This is not surprising.

Let the Winter Meetings begin!