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Winter Meetings Day 2: The Mets can't hold out much longer without signing a dumb contract

Good freaking freezing morning, sports fans, it's time we gather around the hot stove, and I don't just mean to talk baseball, my toes are about to fall off. Thank God for my Columbia parka.

Let's kick things off with a name to warm us up: Randy Wolf.

The biggest teams interested in him are the Brewers (who are desperate for pitching) and the Mets (who are just desperate). The Brewers' camp is making it sound as if the deal is all but done, however Mets insiders are saying he's still available and they're still pursuing him.

But interestingly enough, the Brewers and Mets are intertwined otherwise, because if the Mets land Wolf, I'm seeing stirrings of a Corey Hart for John Maine trade - although this may just be lobby gossip, similar to the Edwin Jackson to the Mets rumors from yesterday. But if the Mets DON'T land Wolf (or another pitcher), then parting with any arms, especially young ones, is somewhat foolish.

Which brings us to Kevin Millwood. 35, coming off of a hot season, career history of being terrible, average at best. Something just screams Mets there.

Joel Sherman is suggesting that the Braves are looking to trade off Rafael Soriano, who just accepted arbitration. The Yankees are interested, but probably won't send much value, as the Braves have roughly zero leverage. Quick, Frank, get Jim Hendry on the phone before it's too late!

So before we start throwing more logs onto the fire, let's revisit one trade that didn't happen yesterday (but I guess still might, you know how these things work: nobody knows). The Yankees would receive Curtis Granderson as well as 2 prospects from the Diamondbacks(because their system isn't depleted or anything), Detroit would receive Max Scherzer from Arizona, along with Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Michael Dunn from the Yankees, and Arizona would receive Edwin Jackson from Detroit and Ian Kennedy from the Bronx. Frankly, AZ is getting hosed in that regard, because I see it as them giving up FAR more than they're receiving. And seriously, Yankees, quit being the Yankees and just call up Austin Jackson and let him cut his teeth in the majors already instead of just selling all of your prospects. Oh wait, you're the Yankees.