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Winter Meetings Day 3: WAR and rumors of WAR

If you all missed it, yesterday's Winter Meetings thread was absolutely ridiculous.

Rumors were milled. Topics were lost. Games were played. Pandas were exploited.

And the Stove was Hot.

As Rox Girl points out in today's RockPile, there was a big 'ol trade yesterday.

The Yankees gave: P Ian Kennedy, OF Austin Jackson, P Phil Coke.

The Yankees got: CF Curtis Granderson

The Tigers gave: P Edwin Jackson, CF Curtis Granderson

The Tigers got: P Max Scherzer, P Daniel Schlereth, OF Austin Jackson, P Phil Coke

The Diamondbacks gave: P Max Scherzer, P Daniel Schlereth

The Diamondbacks got: hosed GOOD VALUE COMPLETELY SCREWED (dammit Rox Girl give me back my keybelsrajri rahahfgghghhhhh) P Edwin Jackson, P Ian Kennedy.

The Tigers are planning on making Austin Jackson their opening day CF to replace Granderson.


And there's been a bunch of news today already. Andy Pettitte is making news by signing a 1-year, $11.75M contract with the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees, they're still pushing for Roy Halladay, with Jesus Montero being the centerpiece of the deal. They must really be banking on Joe Mauer becoming a FA, while Toronto sees Montero as being a 1B primarily. I've heard this isn't a terrible assessment, but it means that the Yankees will have to send along Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain.

Apparently the Mets are thinking that dealing 2B Luis Castillo is suddenly unlikely to be moved. They're also looking at John Lackey.

On the other side of the country, the Mariners and Felix Hernandez seem to be miles apart in contract extension. Felix wants 6 years, $100M, and the M's want 4 years, 2 options, and less than half of that figure. Future Red Sox #2 FELIX HERNANDEZ WOOOOOO!

Meanwhile, in terms of stuff relevant to us, the Rockies and Yorvit Torrealba are talking turkey on a 2 year deal. I haven't seen this finalized yet.


All your rumors can go here.