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Sunday Rockpile: A few scraps

MLB TradeRumors has an updated spreadsheet of Dan O'Dowd's trade history as a general manager.

Rototimes previews the Rockies for fantasy purposes, I think the author's selling Ubaldo Jimenez in particular short. Fantasy baseball's reliance on traditional stats to grade pitching staffs seems to be one of the biggest reasons the Rockies' pitching has been getting overlooked the past few seasons by mainstream baseball fans. Since the players aren't the most useful from a fantasy perspective, a lot of people are making an incorrect jump that they must not be as useful in MLB baseball, either.

Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post talks to Charlie Monfort, who says that a good start might be critical for the Rockies this year due to the economy. I think I'd be inclined to agree. People and corporations will be looking at their discretionary spending to begin with, but a losing product will make the foregoing the Rockies decision a whole lot easier.

Alright, I've got nothing... maybe Purple Row should start selling infomercials for this off season Sunday morning space. Or we could start doing some QVC style kitsch hocking like this guy:

Colorado Rockies Gear - kewego

It's not an endorsement, by the way, I just felt like I needed a space filler. Hopefully Silverblood's got some actual thoughts on the way for this afternoon.