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Thursday Rockpile: Five to Shine; A rundown of the NRI's

Tracy Ringolsby picked five Colorado Rockies that need to shine if the team wants to be competitive this season, a couple of his choices make some sense to me, a couple of them kind of make me wince and beg, "Please, oh please don't let this season come down to Clint Hurdle, thank you."

My own list would look like this:


  1. Tulo
  2. Helton
  3. Jorge De La Rosa - what would have been a luxury with a Francis rebound becomes a necessity now that it looks like he's out.
  4. Chris Iannetta - The Rockies don't have a lot of hope if CDI's 2008 wasn't for real and he can't be a top 5 NL catcher on offense.
  5. Dexter Fowler - Morales or Greg Smith are good choices too, but if Fowler shines, our lineup suddenly becomes complete and achieves a state of Zen.


Mark Townsend at Bugs and Cranks posted a solid rundown of what's at stake for our NRI's.