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Friday Rockpile: As the clock winds down

Yes, it's almost time. It's just a day away. Pitchers and catchers for the Rockies report tomorrow! And shortly after that our guys will be playing in exhibition games. And then real games. Who isn't excited right about now?

Tracy Ringolsby previews the roster:

  • Catchers: Chris Iannetta is good and only getting better, though Torrealba is still there. If both go down, well, let's not think about it. (Russ adds: Iannetta going down is scary enough, so let's not think about that).
  • Infield: The Rockies have good depth, but they really need Todd Helton to show some of his old self out there. (Russ adds: When did Hurdle give that quote about Stewart working some drills at second?)
  • Outfield: The outfield is still a positive for the Rockies but without a standout. Spilborghs will be displaced once Fowler is ready for a move to Denver.
  • Starting Pitching: The Rockies need big years out of Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa. Good thing there's depth for that fifth spot in the rotation. (Russ adds: Let's not see the fifth spot become a revolving door.)
  • Bullpen: The bullpen can be very strong for the Rockies.

Troy Renck looks at Chris Iannetta, our very special boy. Apparently, Hurdle might have Torrealba start the season opener as a result of Iannetta's venture in the World Baseball Classic. Torrealba might show some grit out there, leading Hurdle to. . . .

Larry Walker will be inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame on June 20. Congratulations!

Oklahoma State lefty Andy Oliver, a potential high first-round pick, had his former advisers in the room when attempting to negotiate a contract with the Twins when he was drafted in 2006. No deal happened and he went to Oklahoma State. Last spring, this was discovered and Oliver was suspended. Yesterday, a judge overruled Oliver's suspension and struck down an NCAA rule:

Erie County judge Tyge M. Tone ruled that the NCAA cannot restrict a player’s right to have legal representation when negotiating a professional contract and awarded an injunction to restore Oliver’s eligibility. The decision invalidated the NCAA’s "no agent" and "restitution" rules.

There goes a stupid NCAA rule (if it isn't overturned by a higher court).

Thomas Harding now blogs at Hardball in the Rockies.