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Monday Rockpile: When it all started

I was looking around the site's archives for what was happening around this time over the last two years and found the source of Rox Girl's ill-placed bets with the Snakepit. It all started with this little piece, "Wishful Thinking." It was about players fans secretly didn't want on their team. And look at the first team and player she listed. Burying it somewhere in the middle or at the end, maybe Jim never would have responded to it and Rox Girl would not have written her response, "ARE YOU READY FOR A CHALLENGE???!!!" Yes, she really did write that in all capital letters and with extra punctuation.

And that first bet for those who don't know what it was:

I propose putting up our "last year's Opening Day starter on another team" up against Arizona's:


Yes, bold lettering and in capitals--quite provocative. That, my friends, is the reason why we had Snakepit Day here last year, why we will have it in a couple of weeks, and we we will continue to have it: bold and capital letters. Being emphatic is one thing, being bold is another.

Now that I'm done with the trip down memory lane, here are a few links:

  • Jhoulys Chacin's mentor: Ubaldo Jimenez. Thomas Harding speculates that Chacin should receive an invite to ST.
  • Corey Wimberly answered some questions for Batting Around. Wimberly answered the "misperception about the minors" question almost the same as Chris Nelson did.
  • Patrick Saunders writes about the triumvirate the Rockies need to rely on for a successfull 2009: Atkins, Iannetta, Tulo. Let's hope they don't turn out to be a Roman triumvirate.