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Saturday Rockpile: Jorge De La Rosa receives help from sports psychologist, gets better results; Don Baylor: getting the bats right

Today's Rockpile is late as theoldgrizzlybear had an emergency pop up during the night that precluded him from doing today's Rockpile. This is going to be a quick Rockpile today.

Thomas Harding has this piece on how Jorge De La Rosa turned a corner once the Rockies' sports psychologist Ronn Svetich started working with him. De La Rosa's sounding better every day.

Dave Krieger offers his view on what Don Baylor and his hitters will need to do to be successful this season.

The Rocky also has this article on where Hurdle is leaning with the batting order. The one the article offers as a front-runner right now is:

  1. Spilborghs
  2. Smith
  3. Helton
  4. Atkins
  5. Hawpe
  6. Tulowitzki
  7. Iannetta
  8. Barmes
  9. Pitcher